S. G

Very efficient and dedicated Doctors and staff.
Proud to service their customers with their expertise and professionalism with excellent service and full attention. After the visit you feel twenty years younger and healthier. Lucky us to have The Clinique Mediplex.


This clinique is great i love it.

J. W

Great clinic, great staff, and great service! Very reliable and efficient. Why go anywhere else?! Highly recommended.

Itsik Romano

Mediplex is a great medical clinic in the west island. If anyone is looking to be served when needed, Mediplex does it. The doctors and specialists are honest and very helpful. Very much appreciate all the great service I get from them. Thank you for being a great accessible clinic in west island montreal.

D. W

Mediplex is the best personal health care place in Montreal

K. M

Amazing team of health care professionals. If you or any family member and/or friends are looking to be followed by a great doctor, i highly recommend that you head over to Clinique Mediplex!

Tamara Friedmann

he's my Dr. too! he saved my life... no one else like him
December 9, 2014 at 8:30pm Unlike 2

Frank Lemieux

C'est le meilleur Clinique que j'ai vu dans ma vie!

Chrisitina Raymond

Tous les docteurs sont tellement gentils et professionnel

Anna Garayt

J'ai dit a tous mes amis de venir a cette clinique car c'est tenement bon.

Michel Tremblay

Pourquoi aller a une autre clinique si celui-la est le meilleur?

Francois Michel Bonamle

Service rapids sans rendez-vous et qui accepte de nouveaux patients ! Medecin sympathique et professionnell

Caroline Brodeur

Le docteur a sauver ma vie!

Marcy Boulet

Service tellement rapide!

L. T

When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I was always worried about the future and didn't know how it would effect my quality of life. This program has taught me a lot of information. I have learnt about how important nutrition can help controlling my diabetes and with 30 minutes of exercise daily. I am not so anxious as before about my diabetes doing my daily blood test , taking my medication, having a balanced meal, getting a good amount of sleeps have all decreased my stress level. My group, the staff were all very helpful and gave me a fun and wonderful experience.They are very professional with their work and gives helpful advice. I have learnt about many of the different symptoms and actions I should react to. In all, my outlook living with diabetes has changed and I can still live and enjoy life.