Comprehensive General Checkup

     At Mediplex we make the distinction between health assessment and screening for disease. Health is an active process of engaging in healthful habits that optimize a person’s life. A health assessment is the process of obtaining multiple measures that can be improved and compared, with the guidance of goal-oriented care.

     Disease is a passive process that develops through interaction of genes, environment, nutrition, habits and other factors.

     A disease generally develops when a set of conditions surpasses our body’s ability to heal itself. The early detection of disease is important in order to prevent further impairment of the body. For optimal health we need to have the balance between control of disease and engaging in healthful habits that help to prevent the onset of disease, and maximizing the performance of our bodies.

     During our comprehensive general checkup we assess multiple contributing factors to both health and disease, we screen for numerous diseases, and obtain a whole set of health data through specialized diagnostic tests. All this information is compiled and interpreted to provide an accurate assessment, upon which personalized recommendations are made.

Specialty pain clinic

     At one point in our lives most of us will experience some form of pain. The pain may be minor and transient for some, or severe and debilitating for others. The important aspects of dealing with pain include identification of the source of the pain, analysis of the contributing and perpetuating factors, appropriate diagnostic tests and their interpretation, and a treatment plan that emphasizes restoration of normal function, and minimization or elimination of pain.

     Back pain, neck pain, and headaches are among the top 5 most common reasons for seeking medical attention. While most painful conditions tend to resolve spontaneously within 2 weeks, a persistent pain beyond this mark increases the likelihood for the pain to become chronic unless it is dealt with on a timely basis.

     At Mediplex we are striving to become one of Quebec’s premiere resource for management of pain, by providing a dedicated team of specialists that work in a multidisciplinary environment.

     We understand that pain is not just a problem because it hurts. It can cause physical damage to your body. Chronic Pain increases levels of stress hormones, adrenaline, and changes brain and spinal cord chemistry and physiology. It is related to Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, Accelerated Aging, and Addiction. It damages every aspect of your life and can bankrupt you and you loved ones financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

     Our program includes a detailed assessment of the cause of pain, the associated dysfunction, as well as the contributing and perpetuating factors. This is followed by the most appropriate and personalized therapeutic plan. Our goal is to provide the most appropriate care that offers the best relief of pain, and the fastest restoration of function. 

These consultations are covered by the provincial health care plan (RAMQ).

Heart Health

Currently, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death around the world.  About 2.4 million Canadian aged 20 years and older live with heart disease. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Canada, claiming more than 33,600 lives per year.

29% of all deaths in Canada are from heart disease.   The Canadian Heart Research Institute believes that if the trend continues or worsens, the death toll may dramatically increase.

At Mediplex, our professional team of Internal Medicine Physicians dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various cardiac conditions and diseases.


Did you Know:

As one of the most important parts of the body, the heart is responsible not only for pumping blood but also for delivering the much-needed nutrients and oxygen to various organs and tissues.   The heart, just like other organs, is not immune to various medical conditions. The blood vessels and the valves can become narrow due to plaque buildup. The muscles can become rigid, stiff, or scarred forcing the heart to pump harder. Due to the crucial role it plays, a problem to the heart can turn to something serious or life threatening.



·       Nine in 10 Canadians over the age of 20 have at least one risk factor for heart disease. Four in 10 have three or more risk factors. Statistic Canada

·       In the United States, at least one person dies every 40 seconds because of the disease.


·       Aboriginals and other ethnic groups such as South Asians are at an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases like heart disease and stroke. Statistic Canada


·       Cardiovascular disease costs the Canadian economy more than $20.9 Billion every year.


Our team of Internal Medicine Physicians are recognized as experts in diagnosis, treatment, health promotion and disease prevention.    Screening tests are intended to significantly reduce the death rate by detecting the symptoms before they appear or get worse.


Cardiovascular screening visit is a medical consultation that involves undergoing different exams to measure or assess heart health and the risk factors associated with heart-related diseases.


The cardiovascular screening tests offer the following benefits:

Early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease

Monitoring of a person’s overall health

Educating or counseling patients for more effective management and treatment of risks

Identification of better treatment and management options

Encouraging stronger patient participation in ensuring his or her cardiovascular health

You can reduce your risk of heart disease or complications by understanding your risk factors that cause it, making changes to your lifestyle or optimizing your treatment plan.


Benefits of proper cardiovascular assessment and management result in:

Stronger and more efficient heart

Controlled blood sugars

Decreased blood pressure

Increased good cholesterol (HDL), and decreased back cholesterol (LDL)

Increased physical fitness

Decreased stress

Weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight

Increased energy

Increased strength, endurance and flexibility

Improved overall quality of life

Corporate programs

Did you know:

Performance results data observed across different industries in Quebec demonstrate a positive and substantial impact on employee’s quality of work life, productivity, attendance and absenteeism.

A recent survey found that around 90% of successful companies use corporate wellness programs that can include simple biometric screenings such as basic blood tests, advanced screening for diseases such as cancer, exercise programs, nutritional and diet programs, health, lifestyle and training on protecting and improving health.  

Corporate wellness programs reduce companies’ insurance costs and absenteeism.

A recent analysis found that each dollar spent on wellness programs saves $3.27 in health care costs and $2.73 in absenteeism costs. 

At Mediplex we recognize the importance of productivity in the workplace, and reduction in absenteeism, which results in improved workplace function and profitability. Our team takes pride in ensuring both Executive and Employee’s optimal health.

Employee assistance program

Through our network of psychologists we are able to provide the necessary guidance and therapy in a timely manner.


The combination of our wide variety of diagnostic tests and full lab services allows for fully customizable re-employment assessment, individualized to the companies needs.

Return to work program

The majority of prolonged workouts are related to either psychological factors or to painful conditions. We created programs that specifically address these common conditions to expedite workforce reintegration.

Executive health optimization

A company’s health is highly dependent on the health of the executives that are managing it. We create programs based on scientifically proven methods, that are fully individualized, goal oriented, and leads to the development and maintenance of optimal health.

Internal medicine consultation

Internal medicine as a specialty is the discipline that evaluates and treats medical conditions in adults. The advantage of the specialty is its diverse focus which spans multiple sub-specialties such as cardiology, endocrinology, rheumatology, nephrology, hematology, rheumatology, and others. Referral to internal medicine is generally made for evaluation of complex medical conditions, evaluation of patients presenting with vague symptoms, evaluation of abnormal test results, and initiation or assistance with treatment of difficult to treat medical conditions. Every patient is assessed across multiple disciplines to try and establish a diagnosis and offer the most appropriate treatment plan.

At Mediplex, our Internal Medicine consultations are performed by our team of several Internal Medicine Specialists.


Our nurses are highly skilled in various domains and are involved in every aspect of the persons care plan including test administration, teaching, and providing the coaching needed to achieve goal-directed care.

Complete lab services

About CDL

     Recognized for our innovation, commitment to quality and customer service excellence,  CDL Laboratories provides efficient specimen collection and transportation and delivers timely, accurate results to help doctors make better healthcare decisions.

     CDL operates a very modern laboratory, 24 hours a day, using the most technologically advanced equipment and computer systems available. We offer over 1,500 laboratory tests that benefit patients and our 1,000 clients including medical clinics, physicians’ offices and pharmacological companies throughout the province of Quebec.

     The laboratory tests prescribed by our doctors can be done at the place of your choice (Public or Private).

Health & Wellness Nursing Coaches

Certified Health Coaches
Our team of certified health coaches provide clients the right system, the right support, the right accountability to help transform health and body.