Clinique Medicale Mediplex is a modern facility situated in the heart of Montreal West Island.

facilityClinique Medicale Mediplex is a modern facility situated in the heart of Montreal West Island. Our mission is to empower every individual, through prevention, treatment and most importantly by providing the necessary tools and guidance to help achieve their optimal health.

The clinic offers high quality preventive and specialized medical care that is comprehensive and patient centered. Our services include access to physicians and allied professionals that are dedicated to providing ultimate care. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tests offer unparalleled insight into a person’s state of health, and our specialized programs are fully individualized.

Our advanced technology infrastructure includes a fully integrated and
networked electronic medical record that allows optimal information sharing between our multidisciplinary team of professionals, and access to relevant information at point of care.

Rear view of a young man holding his back in pain, isolated on wOur pain clinic is centered upon ensuring patient comfort and optimal results. Our special program evaluates all contributing and exacerbating factors to the pain condition. We offer a wide array of invasive and non-invasive treatment modalities that lead to excellent outcomes for most patients.

We offer laboratory services that are managed by highly skilled staff. The results are processed and analyzed in an expedited manner to ensure timely interpretation.

The combination of our patient centered approach to care, the use of the right tools that are individualized, and the commitment of our professional team, will enable every person to achieve the optimal health that they deserve.