At Mediplex, your life is our specialty. Our team of

compassionate, experienced Internal Medicine Physicians

offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services to all

consulting physicians and patients.  

Our team streamlines every aspect of your health care.  

Our mission is to empower every individual, through

prevention, treatment and most importantly by providing the

necessary tools and guidance to help achieve your optimal


  • WE are a strong team of trained Internists and health care professionals.
  • WE are proud to be in the top-rated patient-focused medical practice year after year.  
  • WE are focused on management of acute and chronic diseases. 
  • WE believe that early detection and prevention can potentially cure diseases.
  • WE deliver comprehensive medical services.
  • WE schedule longer appointments to let our patients feel they are heard. 
  • WE care about your overall health
  • WE will exceed your expectations for comprehensive medical care.
  • WE practice evidence base medicine... your expectation.


When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I was always worried about the future and didn't know how it would effect my quality of life. This program has taught me a lot of information. I have learnt about how important nutrition can help controlling my diabetes and with 30 minutes of exercise daily. I am not so anxious as before about my diabetes doing my daily blood test , taking my medication, having a balanced meal, getting a good amount of sleeps have all decreased my stress level. My group, the staff were all very helpful and gave me a fun and wonderful experience.They are very professional with their work and gives helpful advice. I have learnt about many of the different symptoms and actions I should react to. In all, my outlook living with diabetes has changed and I can still live and enjoy life.

Thank you, L. T


Managing Pain

Pain can be causes by many factors and as we get older, the pain we experience can be uncontrolla

Shingles – Why must you care?

What’s shingles?

In medical terminology, shingles is referred as Herpes zoster. Simpl

A Healthy Treat from Mediplex

Mediplex wants to help start your New Year on a healthy track. We have a limited number of flu shots

A Healthy Treat from Mediplex

Mediplex wants to help start your New Year on a healthy track. We have a limited number of flu shots

Influenza vaccination is now available at Mediplex

Flu season is upon us and the flu shot is now available at Mediplex

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